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Switch on your Creativity

The other day the word ‘creativity’ popped up in a conversation I was having with some of my students, and it got me thinking. I began to wonder what creativity is really and could you learn it, could you improve it, could we live without it?

Dictionaries define creativity as the art of creating something new: an idea; a product; a piece of art.  There are many great creative thinkers who have changed the way we live and think.  But creativity does not have to be big; it can be small. It does not have to change the world; it can simply change something in your immediate life.

Many photographers find themselves in a creative rut.  We can all produce images that are good but many times they lack the originality, ingenuity, and innovation that place them in a class of their own.

In a society where we are surrounded by an insurmountable milieu of visual chaos, we often wonder how to create something new, something that is innovative and original. Today, coming up with new ideas is not impossible; it is just more difficult and requires more determination. Creativity does not just hit you; you need to make space for it. Take a break from the usual and experience something new. Unplug the Internet, read a new book or listen to a new type of music, take a walk or just get some rest. These are a few ways we can create a space for ourselves that enables our creativity to grow.

As Edwin Land, one of the greatest photographic inventors, once said, “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

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