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Macro pack for Canon


The Composer Pro Macro Pack includes the Composer Pro with Sweet 50 Optic, Soft Focus Optic, Macro Converters and Lensbaby Cleaning Cloth packed in a Lensbaby System Bag for easy carrying. This kit is perfect for close up shots of everything from flowers to bugs, wedding rings to abstract details.

The Sweet 50 Optic is a 50mm, f/2.5 selective focus optic with a 12-blade adjustable aperture making it easy to change your aperture and adjust the amount of effect on the fly. This optic creates a tack sharp sweet spot of focus surrounded by blur. The versatile 50mm focal length allows you to create atmosphere and motion, elevating ordinary images to new levels.

Swap out the Sweet 50 for the 50mm, f/2 Soft Focus Optic to create velvety soft images perfect of people, flowers, landscapes or any subject that needs a soft touch. The Soft Focus Optic comes with drop-in aperture disks including 3 special multi-holed disks that enhance the optic’s softness.

Add on the Macro Converters to either optic and take your Lensbaby to the macro level. The Macro Converters sit in between the optic and lens body and allow for focus between 3.5" and 8.13” away from your subject.

How to use Lensbaby Macro converters, switching between lens options:



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