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Lensbaby Macro Pack Canon

The Composer Pro is a manual selective focus lens that uses a curved field of focus optic to create the blurred effect around the focus spot. It holds the interchangeable Sweet 50 or Soft Focus Optic. The Sweet 50 creates a sweet spot of focus which can be moved within the frame by tilting the lens on its ball-and-socket joint. The size of the focal spot is controlled by changing the aperture. The Soft Focus Optic creates a soft image ideal for portraits, still lifes, or any subject that needs a soft touch. Soft Focus has a look that is evenly soft throughout the image without the sweet spot of sharp focus created by the Lensbaby selective focus optics. You can vary the amount of softness by changing the aperture disks.

You can use the included 8mm and 16mm macro converters separately, or stacked together to shoot up-close macro photography. They sit in between the optic and lens body and allow for focus between 5" to 8.1" away from your subject.


Composer Pro Canon Mount with Sweet 50 Optic

Soft Focus Optic with inetrcangeable aperture rings

Macro 8mm lens and Macro 16mm lens

Lens Cleaning Cloth

Lensbaby System Bag



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