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Lensbaby Accessory Kit

Cover all your angles with the Lensbaby Accessory Kit, which includes the Lensbaby 0.6X Wide Angle / 1.6X Telephoto Kit, the Lensbaby Macro Kit, and the Lensbaby Creative Aperture Kit. 

0.6x Wide Angle / 1.6x Telephoto Kit - allows you to change your Lensbaby’s effective focal length to either 30mm or 80mm.

Macro Kit - allows you to use selective focus on a very small scale. It features one +4 filter and one +10 filter, which can be screwed onto the front of your Lensbaby optic either individually or together, allowing you to focus from 2 inches to 13 inches away.

Creative Aperture Kit - The shape in the aperture disk will appear anywhere bright points of light are out of focus in an image.


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