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iPro 6/6S Trio Lens Kit (Includes case)

The iPro Trio Kit has everything you need to immediately start photographing your world. A perfect combination of lenses that will be sure to cover your every photographic need!

The iPro cases are designed to attach your iPro Lenses securely to the phone with our patented bayonet mount ensuring that the lenses are always centered and spaced properly over the phone lens giving you the best quality image. Lenses held on by clips or magnets tend to lead to less than optimal image quality as they cannot be precisely centered.  The iPro Lens system is held in the most rugged Element case found by iPro co.

Phone case (iphone 6/6s) + (iphone 5)

Macro Lens

Super Wide Lens

2X Tele Lens

3 Section Handle to hold lenses (which is also tropod mount)

Branded lanyard for hanging lenses holder

35mm Equivalents:

LENS              STILL     VIDEO

iPhone®        30mm    42mm

Super Wide  14mm    19mm

Tele                60mm    84mm

Macro lens gives close focus distance of 2.5 cm (iphone only = 6.5 cm)

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