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iPro 6/6S Case - Only

The iPro Lenses were first created for the iPhone 4 and we have since discovered that the Apple tolerance levels are not nearly as strict as we are used to working with.  This was most apparent when adapting the Original Lenses (Series 1 Wide and Fisheye lenses) to the phones that came after the 4/4S as the phones got thinner and the phone lenses had different spacing requirements, among other issues.  Therefore, when we developed and added the new Tele, Macro, and Super Wide lenses with a less restricted tolerance level to best work with all of the iPhone models, we took the opportunity to re-design the Wide and Fisheye Lenses, as well, and these 5 lenses were designated “Series 2”.

The Series 2 lenses do have better performance with the various iPhone models, especially with the newer iPhones 5S and 6. 



LENS              STILL     VIDEO

iPhone®        30mm    42mm

Fisheye         12mm    16mm

Super Wide  14mm    19mm

Wide              19mm    26mm

Tele                60mm    84mm

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