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Diana Accessory Kit

Already have your Diana?

Get ready for dreamy experimentation with the Diana Accessory Kit. This package contains all the Diana accessories in one box!

This kit contains the following;

Diana+ 35mm Back: a unique accessory allows you to shoot all types of 35mm film with your Diana+ & Diana F+ cameras! The convenience of 35mm is now available for your medium-format Diana+ camera!
Diana+ 110mm Soft Telephoto Lens: get closer to your subject with this lens, you can bring this along in a football match or mountain lookout and have a closer shot in a snap!
Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens: this lens has an enormous field of view that takes in half of the world around you and compacts it into a tight, circular and get a 180-degree image.
Diana+ 55mm Wide Angle and Close-Up Lens Set: Get ready to get wide and up-close with this special set of lenses specially made for your Diana+ or Diana F+ cameras.
Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens:  this classic super-wide perspective is a favorite of street photographers and photojournalists all over the world. An equivalent to the look of a 25mm lens on a standard 35mm camera (a yielding a 120° view angle)
Diana+ Splitzer: this amazing accessory lets you dictate exactly what appears on your by allowing you to slice and dice into halves and quarters. Just slip it onto the top of your Diana F+ lens and twist the blades with your fingers. Re-combine them and create something entirely new
Diana+ Collar and Cable Release: This special Cable Release Adaptor will keep your camera steady for nighttime and long-exposure images. The cable release adaptor can be locked to make a really long exposure - without you having to hold it all that time.


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