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AMEN Grassroots Football Hard Cover

This book pays homage to Africa. It is a tribute to the forgotten and to the majority. All the people who live and will remain in the shadow of the World Cup deserve to have a light shone on them not just for their passion for the game but more so for the fundamental energy and enthusiasm that shines through the way they live. There is not a single village in Africa that exists without a football. Western fanaticism for watching sport cannot come close to matching Africas all consuming passion for playing the game. And they do so come what may. Here you will find ingenuity, doggedness, kindness and sheer joy. This book is about not just about football or indeed about football in Africa. It is a book that tries to capture the beauty and strength of the human spirit. In Africa football is not a religion. But it is everything a religion should be. Every village in Africa has one open air temple with goal posts at opposite ends and devoted followers in the middle. Football breathes happiness into sun baked days and rain soaked evenings. On a continent where not even the basics are taken for granted football is precious. And like everything that is truly precious it is a necessity like bread and water.

• By: Jessica Hilltout 

• Hard Cover
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