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2x Polaroid Original Color Films for SX70 Cameras

The latest color film for Polaroid SX70 cameras. Polaroid Original (formerly Impossible Project) manufactures fresh instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras at the original production plant in Enschede (NL). Keeping variety, tangibility and creativity alive, Impossible prevents more than 300 million perfectly functioning cameras from becoming obsolete and thus changes the world of photography.

The film is sensitive to light after exposure, so pictures need to be shielded from light as they get ejected from the camera. The colour protection gives you a little time to get it under wraps. There are several tricks how to shield the image from light upon its ejection from the camera. You can either cover it with your hand, a darkslide or put directly into a box.

Your order includes 2 boxes of film with 8 films per box for a total of 16 prints


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