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2X Lomography Redscale Film 100/120 3 pcs

Load up the Lomography Redscale Negative120 100 ISO and achieve the warm-tinged effect produced only by exposing the negative on the reverse side! The redscale technique is achieved by exposing the film through the reverse side of the negative, producing images with orange, red, and yellow tones. The Lomography Redscale 120 100 ISO film makes it easy to get the same effect without having to do the painstaking process by hand. Simply load this 120 film into your Holga, Diana F+, Lubitel 166+, or any medium format camera, and shoot as you normally would! You’ll get breathtaking square shots evoking intensely warm, honey hues. 


• 120 film format
• Colour negative 
• C-41 processing
• ISO 100

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