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X-Pro Sunset Strip film

Ready for an exhilarating X-pro adventure? Check out Lomography’s Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 35mm! This pre-colored 35mm film will shock you with hues that intensify as your surroundings get darker. When sprocket holes are exposed, expect your images to explode with different shades! This emulsion is truly for the bravest of Lomographers!

When it comes to experiments Lomographers are the bravest photographers in this universe and they are especially daring if the word X-Pro is involved. The world of slide films seemed to be a well explored field – until today! It’s a big honor to reveal the freshest member of the X-Pro family: the Color X-Pro Sunset Strip! If you thought X-Pro was all about blues, greens and reds – load the Sunset Strip in a 35 mm camera and let it take you on a whole new precoloured experience! Its precoloured material produces more and more intense colours the darker your surrounding gets which makes it the perfect film for nighthawks, party people and vampires. Are you brave enough for this?

The Color X-Pro Sunset Strip comes with a unique feature: the center of the film strip was precoloured but the sprocket holes were not. This triggers an extra quirky style when you use the film in cameras that expose the sprocket holes as well, like the Sprocket Rocket or the Spinner 360°. Besides the smooth brownish and bluish tones that will bath your pictures in an extra special mood, the sprocket holes will turn out in a completely different colour to boost your pictures with some extravaganza. But be aware that this effect is only for strong hearted Lomographers out there who dare to go for extreme X-Pro.

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