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It’s All About The Image

The photographic industry is a dynamic and ever changing sphere. New developments are happening rapidly and the industry has taken some unexpected, yet exciting, turns. A couple of evident trends are the emergence and growth of mirrorless cameras, the seamless integration of photography into mobile devices and the move of many camera manufacturers to integrate full frame sensors into their cameras.

These innovations have given consumers a wider choice of ways in which they can capture an image. Today you can use your cellphone, a small compact device, or a full DSLR camera to capture the world around you, with each in its own right, producing extremely high quality images. The result of this is that everyone has become a photographer and the art form is now accessible and affordable for everyone. Because of this, the image itself is more important than the means by which you capture it.  When all is said and done, it is the image that will remain in the visual history created by an individual, a family or a society.

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