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What camera types does Lomography have?

There are many Lomography cameras; here is a list of camera types based on format:

  • Medium Format Cameras - Cameras such as the Diana F+ and Lubitel 166+. They use 120 Film and produce super square images when developed.
  • Instant Cameras - Load an Instant Camera with Instant Film and you'll get photos in a matter of seconds. We also have Instant Backs available. Snap the LC-A Instant Back+ or Diana Instant Back+ onto an LC-A+ or Diana F+ camera and you'll turn it into an instant snap shooting sensation.
  • Panoramic Cameras - With a panoramic camera, you'll capture more in every shot and get photos that are longer than usual. The Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360° & Horizon all produce panoramas.
  • Pinhole Cameras - Cameras with a tiny hole (or 'small aperture' in photographic terms) and no lens - Because of this, pinhole photos often have a dreamy look. If you're interested in trying out pinhole photography, take a look at the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator; it's got 3 holes instead of 1 and allows you to use different colour filters!
  • Fisheye Cameras - These cameras produce unique circular images. They have 170° wide-angle lenses, so you'll capture loads more than the human eye can see; they are also perfect for close-ups!
  • Multilens Cameras - Cameras with more than one lens; when you hit the shoot button, the lenses will fire and your final print will be made up of smaller images. The Actionsampler and Supersampler have 4 lenses so will have prints made up of 4 sequential images. The Oktomat has 8 lenses so has 8 sequential images on each print.
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