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We have always loved the unique images that Lensbaby gives you.


Today’s DIY is something pretty awesome that is MUCH easier than it looks – wood photo transfers!

We have always loved the 'What the Duck' series of comic strips.


So, what is it all about?



I found this article on Time.com from 10 May 2012 by Lily Rothman.


Name: Shaun van Wyngaardt           


Age: 25


I came across this article written by Jim Austin.


A new photography Rebellion is forming.  Slowly.


Just starting out?


Not to worry.

Here is a short breakdown of different film types you can experiment with.

Meet Carla Liesching, an amazing photographer born and raised in South Africa.


We love all cameras.  Especially Analogue cameras.


Meet Lesedi M.J. Mogale, an up and coming analogue photographer from Pretoria.


Join us for the opening on Thursday Februray 27th for an exhibition of the winning photographs from the Divesite and Ikelite underwater p

Switch on your Creativity

The other day the word ‘creativity’ popped up in a conversation I was having with some of my students, and it got me thinking.

It’s All About The Image

The photographic industry is a dynamic and ever changing sphere.

Lensbaby Spark

Lensbaby announced the release of Spark, a fun and affordable addition to the Lensbaby lens family.