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Kensho Lights by Dave Robertson

This series of luminous night photography began while travelling through Southeast Asia in 2011. Dave’s fascination with cultural differences and how these differences influence one’s perception of the look and feel of cities at night, inspired the creative process. The term Kensho is commonly translated as enlightenment. Also known to be a blissful realization of one's inner nature or true self. This often spontaneous insight may occur as a result of seeing an abstract shape or upon hearing or reading a significant phrase.

Dave is a self-taught visual artist based in Cape Town.His photographic work is primarily a form of social commentary. He is best known for a series of expressionist, hand-painted photographs of township scenes  which he first  exhibited at several galleries in Berlin and Leipzig. He also exhibited them in the Netherlands and at the “PhotoLA 2004” in Los Angeles, USA. More recently his work has been exhibited in several galleries in South Africa including the Irma Stern Museum, Kalk Bay Modern, the Bell-Roberts Gallery, Focus Contemporary and Kim Sacks Gallery.

The highlight of his photographic career was winning a Spier Contemporary 2010 award for ‘Paper Trails’, a panoramic documentary series focussing on the lives of informal recyclers in Newtown, Johannesburg.